Old Von Wakano Brewery In Samara


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Old Von Wakano Brewery In Samara

The brewery was founded by Austrian Alfred von Wakano in 1881, one year after his arrival in the city. First beer produced at the plant was draught table-beer Venskoe (Viennese), which immediately became the best-selling malt drink in the city. There is a legend that Alfred von Wakano had beer pipeline from the brewery to his house installed so that he would be in constant supply. That shows how the real connoisseur of beer appreciated the produce of the Zhigulevsky Brewery. Throughout its over century history Zhigulevskoe didnt loose its popularity, but on the contrary became loved by all the Russia.

The industrial brewery building is a sight in itself, but these days there is also a small bar and restaurant in the building that serves some moderately-priced Russian food and, of course, the brewery's produce.

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