Samara City and Region 2002-2003 Guide-Book


Samara Samara, Russia: Travel Service Samara Tour Guide

The 2002-2003 bi-lingual English-Russian lap-top size Samara travel bestseller!!!

All you need to know about Samara and its attractions, history and businesses!

Detailed Yellow/White/Blue pages on Samara, Togliatti and many other Samara region cities

More than 600 pages!

More than 500 pictures!

More than 10000 useful businesses, organisations and services including all Samara hotels with descriptions and complete contact information including addresses, phone numbers, web and e-mail accounts!

The best ever published articles on Samara history, geography and culture. History scetch about every historical and culture sight.

Perfectly sructured on subject, business branch, name and location!

Size: 20x29x2,5 cm

Weight: 1 kilo or about 2 lb


$30.00 in SamaraTour office!
$35.00 with delivery within Samara city.
$45.00 with shipment within Russia.
$55.00 with shipment outside Russia.

To make the order just call 7-846-2-777-024, 7-846-2-777-031 or e-mail to, tell your name, address, e-mail account and pay on-line if you are not in Samara, or in-cash when you are in Samara. You will receive delivery details confirmation within 24 hours!

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Samara Guide-book
Samara Guide-book