Money Issues


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Money Issues

There are plenty of ATMs around the city. There are surely ones in major shopping centers such as TsUM, MegaCity, ParkHouse, Avrora, Zahar, Imperia and in the foyers of the major hotels. There are also ATMs at the main train station, the main post office and several along the lengths of the pedestrian strip, Leningradskaya Ulitsa, and the main street, Kuibysheva Ulitsa.

The banks (Sberbank for example) give wide range of services as Lending, Securities operations, Money Exange and others.

Here is the list of Samara banks:


-Avtomobilnij Bankirskij Dom


-Volgo-Kamskij Bank

-Volzskij Socialnij Bank


-Zemskij Bank





Western Union Transfers can be made at most of the post offices and banks.


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