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The Young Audience Theater “SAMART” was founded on 14 December, 1930. Until 1997 it was a theatre of quite ordinary construction with traditional rows of chairs and a stage, but in April it was modified into modern easily transformed studio in accordance with the specific concept of a producer. Nowadays ‘SAMART” has several odeums of different size, but the global reconstruction is not over yet. Anyways this is of no harm to the theatre activities as the new performances are held within its walls.

During the time of its existence “SAMART” made up a unique company of really gifted actors. The theater troupe consists of 40 people, including Rosa Hairulina, Margarita Shilova, Denis Bokuradze and many others.

“SAMART” as an active participant of numerous festivals and other theatrical activities. In March, 2003 SAMART went to the festival in St.Petersburg with “Mamma Courage” performance and received a National Premium “Golden Mask”. The other performance “Bumbarash” has already received this prestigious reward in 1997.

  Samara Drama Theatre n.a. Maxim Gorky dates back to the 1851, the year when Samara was proclaimed the province capital. After the theatre had burned in 1854 it moved to the stone building that we see nowadays.

Today the Samara Drama Theatre n.a. Maxim Gorky is loved by all the citizens, which means it is better to book the tickets beforehand.

Samara Opera and Ballet Theatre welcomes all the intellectual public. Here one can enjoy not only classic operas (“Carmen”, “Eugene Onegin” etc.) and ballets (“The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake” etc.), but also new experimental performances (“Beatles forever” for e.g.).


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